Kansas City-Based Author, Composer, and Designer



I am privileged to be the recipient of an honorable mention in the renowned, international Writers of the Future competition. Receiving the award inspired me to write How I Ruined My Life, which has since been published and is available on sites like Amazon. I intend to follow up How I Ruined My Life with a science fiction series entitled Imperfect.



Music is extremely important to me. It aids me in the writing process and is a useful way to express my feelings. Because of this, my pieces tend to vary significantly. While one track may be an emotional string arrangement, another may have a pumping bassline and riveting electronic melody. My EP, Lunar, serves as an excellent example of this variety.



I've loved art for several years, now, and have found numerous ways to express myself using this medium. From 3D modeling and animation to creating my own book covers, design is something that I pursue with just as much passion as I pursue writing and musical composition. I am intent on channeling this passion on a professional level through game design.



First and foremost, I am a writer. Writing is always on the front-burner of my creative oven, and I always have something in the works, whether that something be a novel, draft, script, or blog post. A few years ago, I received an honorable mention for my entry into the the Writers of the Future competition. This award was what spurred me deeper into the world of writing. The result was How I Ruined My Life, my debut novel.





Music has always been very important to me. Whether I'm composing my own piece or listening to someone else's, it's an incredible form of expression. I've been a guitarist since the age of thirteen, but have recently focused on electronic composition, though live performance does play a part in getting my pieces just right.



Multi-Medium Artist


Art, much like musical composition, is a powerful form of expression. I have found numerous methods by which I can express myself through art. Whether it be three-dimensional design or abstract work, art is considerably important to me.