The Retrospective Team


Caedin Bainter

Technical Director


Caedin Bainter has been gaming on multiple platforms for the majority of his life. His passion for gaming has carried over into his involvement with Retrospective Games, where he serves as the technical director.

His favorite game is "Dark Souls".


Taran Bainter

Game Designer


Taran Bainter has been using Blender to design 3D models for over ten years. These skills are now being applied at Retrospective Games, where he designs the assets and textures.

His favorite game is "The Last of Us".

Tylan Bainter

Animation Director


Tylan Bainter has been involved with various channels of media production for over five years. As Retrospective's animation director, he hopes to utilize his range of skills to produce masterful animations.

His favorite game is "Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask".


Zachary Pruessner

Senior Level Designer


For more than three years, Zachary Pruessner has been modding games and programming. He has a passion for bringing stories to life through interactive entertainment and aspires to apply this passion at Retrospective Games.

His favorite game is "Arma 3".

Current Project: Training

Our team is currently in training to ensure that when we produce our first game, it is an excellent reflection of our abilities. We hope that after our training period, we will be equipped to meet every goal and face every challenge that arises during development. If you're interested, you can see some of our current work below!

UV-Unwrapped, Unpainted Pot Model

UV-Unwrapped, Unpainted Pot Model

Asset Design

Creative Director Taran Bainter has a significant amount of experience with 3D modeling, but designing assets for video games creates new challenges. Taran is hard at work learning the ins and outs of asset creation, concept art drafting, and more.

Digging animation of a simple weasel model

Digging animation of a simple weasel model


Having already spent two years animating, Tylan Bainter has begun taking courses in animation and rigging for Blender. With this knowledge at his disposal, he hopes to create stunning, functional gameplay animations and cinematics.

UE4's "Blueprint" system

UE4's "Blueprint" system


As Technical Director, one of Caedin Bainter's primary tasks will be to work with Blueprint and C++ to create the backbone of every project at Retrospective Games. His dedication to learning the art of programming will make everything else possible for the rest of the team.