This Week in KC (June '17 | Week 3)

I finally got to go out and do something, this past week! On Friday, my roommates and I headed down to West 39th Street for a 'Third Friday' event being hosted there. Many shops were going to be staying open past their usual closing times, so we spent our evening downtown and had a lot of fun.

Miami Ice

Miami Ice

For the most part, we just window-shopped at places like Burning Spider Stoke Company and Noir Arts and Oddities, but we did stop for coffee at Mudpie (a fantastic vegan cafe on West 39th) and food/drinks at Drunken Worm.

All in all, it was a pretty fun way to end the week! Once we were full of food (and booze), we headed down to a little bookstore called Prospero's Books, where we were bombarded with scrawlings composed by the store's past patrons. The shelves were covered with drawings, quotes, lines, and paragraphs (some more tasteful than others, of course).

After wandering around and laughing at quotes for a solid half hour, we were finally ready to go home. It was a considerably pleasant Friday night event and I'm glad we had the opportunity to go! This week, however, we have something quite remarkable planned. I'm excited!